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DARK is my SOUL & I like repeated punishment 2. 42% (8)
GUILD WARS 2 is where all the features are at. Shame on all betrayers to TEH CAUSE! 21% (4)
Recapturing lost youth / indulging my inner child in WILDSTAR 15% (3)
Some DOTA thing that the author of this poll doesn't know jack about cause he ignorant. 10% (2)
I reap souls in DIABLO III. 5% (1)
I'm all about single indie game titles and rediscovering the beauty of gaming! Child of Light! Broken Age! 5% (1)
The Sun shines bright, the birds chirp, I go outside, find a shade and grind HEARTHSTONE Arena on my iPad. 0% (0)
ESO took my money, then more money, then 20$ for mount, now I have to play and it's bad, so bad, please help me! 0% (0)
TITANs keep FALLing on my head, But that doesn't mean my enemies won't soon be turning red 0% (0)
I don't play games :( 0% (0)
19 Total votes