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NICE TRY, LAK, YOU RACIST ****! I saw you capitalizing Asura to the exception of all other races in the poll's question! 33% (8)
The Norn picks up a table and without much ceremony smashes it into the human bartender's face. 16% (4)
The Asura presses the red button on a remode control and a golem crushes through the roof on top of the human bartender. 16% (4)
The Sylvari blew pollen into the human bartender's face, who woke up with a stinging nettle parasite growing from his ass. 16% (4)
The Charr, as civilized as any of them, nodded and left. The human bartender was later mauled by an wild animal from what authorities could determine. 16% (4)
Humans can be assholes, but that's not an excuse to be racist back. The end. 0% (0)
24 Total votes