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Rank: Left-on-a-Quest
Online: 3 months ago
Joined: Aug 04, 2016
Nick Name: HyperCube
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Hi I am Fabian
- GW1 veteran
- Playing GW2 since headstart (~2500h)
- Raids/Fractals/Achievements/Dungeons/PvP
- Raiding only because of the fun
- Listening to different kinds of music (mainly electronic)
- Keeping 2 lizards and 1 (lazy) tarantula
- Reading fantasy & crime-ficiton
- Watching nearly every genre and animes, too
Forum Signature:
"The single simplest reason why human space flight is necessary is this, stated as plainly as possible: keeping all your breeding pairs in one place is a retarded way to run a species." - Warren Ellis