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Wing 5 / Clear / CM (Wed)

Date: Sep 13, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Lak
Category: Raids
Finishing what wasn't already accomplished Monday (if any).
Getting important kills for sitouts and training new positions.


Please comment with details if you sign up as "Maybe", so that we can plan accordingly.

Do your best to be online some 10 minutes before raid start - this is a marathon run and we need to not waste time.

Attending (3)

1. Netster

2. Killer

3. Fabian

Maybe (6)
Declined (3)


Nar Haresh
I ll be online if needed
Maybe I can get the internet for myself as a substitute for monday.
I am attending today.
Sorry gf got me good. If raid is happening try to get cairn cm for fabian if attending since he's the only one who still needs it. after that slubbling and or other cm would have priority. On Monday we probably do the other 3 cm even though Mursaat may be the biggest offender. Not sure if slubbling will fit, we'll see.
Overtime again. Not sure when I'm back
I am sorry but I have had to work on a uni paper all day and will keep working for some more hours and tbh after that I will not really be in the mood/condition to do raid cms for 3h.

May join for a quick cairn cm or something if needed.

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