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Wing 5 / Clear / CM (Wed)

Date: Aug 23, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Lak
Category: Raids
Finishing what wasn't already accomplished Monday (if any).
Getting important kills for sitouts and training new positions.


Please comment with details if you sign up as "Maybe", so that we can plan accordingly.

Do your best to be online some 10 minutes before raid start - this is a marathon run and we need to not waste time.

Attending (4)

1. Killer

2. Mura

3. schagnoz

4. Farnes

Maybe (6)
Declined (2)


Nar Haresh
with Forest off this raid is cancelled I presume?
No trust in my ability to chrono carry huh?

Jokes aside I guess we lack the numbers :s
Canceled? Quite the contrary, with a two-handed chrono and a focused Hatsune, we can do anything... I think?

(... assuming that Farnes can keep his personal wps (words per second) in check)
Yardiyardida Beep boop beep.
Nar Haresh
Ignil <3 Your chrono carry has been approved by a higher imperial instance even
I made an appointment at a hairdresser months ago which I forgot about. I could still be there, but only >1h hour later. I will login when I am at home again.
Put myself as maybe because I'm super tired and there are some health issues I must attend to ...
I'll be online if I can.

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