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Raid | Aaall the Wings (Mon)

Date: Jun 19, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Mondays
Posted by: Lak
Category: Raids
The week is long and full of terrors, we should face it with as much loot as possible.

Please comment with details if you sign up as "Maybe", so that we can plan accordingly.

Please do your best to be online some 10 minutes before raid start - this is a marathon run and we need to not waste time.
Attending (9)
Maybe (1)

M. Qartz

Declined (4)


Plenty of signups already so I'll sit out, assuming my thumb is probably still going to be a little bitch anyway.
I'll sit out too as redemption for wednesday. xD Pokable on Discord if needed.
Wow, if Slakvar were that noble, he'd have to sit out for the next 10 years or so... 😋
Wut? Make sense, woman! Noone has called me ignoble before and they've called me many things!
Unless you wish to imply that Killer is indeed ignoble, I have not called you such a thing. I have simply measured you two against each others - kinda like that dps-competition of yours (which Killer always wins... so).
Excuse me...! Almost always... :)
And let's not forget the times when he pulls ahead in dps and dies so my subsequent toils do not matter, as noone speaks ill of the dead and their image and dps are frozen, forever.
tssk you two would make a perfect married couple... *runs away*
He should be so lucky!

Typo, obv.
Carrots alone do not satisfy my needs...
I have taken offense to Satenia calling into question my character and refuse to play.

Also, friends guilt tripped me into getting together.... Killer can be even nobler and fill the spot i leave.
Sounds like there gonna be salty carrots for dinner 😋
Can't link with a timestamp. 1:22 when I have dinner guests.
Something came up last minute. Depending on how long it will take I might be back before 20 CET. I will inform on discord if i'm back on time.
Seems like some of us really need to bring their alt accounts and play for two. :s
Nar Haresh
Oh gosh I made it worse :( In a hope to boost Wednesday I asked Zac who lately prefers to raid only once per week to raid on Wednesday. But meanwhile a lot of Yes for Monday moved into Maybe...

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