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Submitted on: Jun 03, 2017 at 06:28 PM
Where did you hear about us?

A friend of mine

What leads you to our encampment?

The call to glory

No, jokes aside & in your own words, why do you think our guild might be right for you?

I´m looking for a stable group of players i enjoy playing with

Race and Profession
Asura Warrior
What professions (classes) can you bring to our raids, either right away or given some time (fully geared and experienced at playing them)?

Condi PS, I intend to learn to play druid

How old are you, really? Choose what applies best.

18+ and owning every year of it

Where are you from? Where do you live now?


What best describes when and how long you play?

I play most weekday evenings and several longer sessions on weekends.

TS is mandatory for our raiding progress. Is that a problem for you?

If it wasn't mandatory I wouldn't take you seriously!

What do you do in GW2? Why do you play the game? What puts a smile on your face that isn't a precursor drop?

There are two main aspects i enjoy most about the game. First i like playing the more difficult team based challenges (Fraktals/Raids) in the game or even some achievements. I also enjoy the more casual approach of the meta events on the newer maps.

Overall it`s the co-op game i enjoy the most.

Currently i work towards equipping my characters as well as unlocking some nice skins trough collections.

[IMPORTANT] Tell us a little about yourself that we haven't asked about so far. Anything goes, except short responses and incomplete sentences, we hate those. None has discovered a word limit to this text field yet, if one exists.

I am currently studying at the University of Hamburg and usually sensibly invest the time i gain by procrastinating in playing video games. Usually i not only play guildwars but also several other multiplayer games (league currently).

I picked up gw 2 on release after playing gw1 for several years but never really got hooked until recent years. I always thought that besides stacking might there was very little strategic planning necessary, but with HOT and the changes to the way classes now can do separate rolls makes the game a lot more enjoyable to me.

Share links to your raiding characters via You have to create an account, link your gw2 account by generating an API code (see and then visit Account > Characters > <charname> and generate a link at the bottom left (include equipment/inventory/build). You may opt to do this later, but please have them ready by the time we speak in-game.
Account name with which to contact you in-game?


Be honest - are you exhausted now?

Ha - NO! In fact I will go fill another application right away just to increase my chances!



This one played gw1 back in the days with me, not rarely succeding in stuff i did before( I started UW farm..guess who was best terra assa later one..yep this guy). In general a quick learner, who is confident in what he does. Of course all blame for his noobish early days will be covered by me and i'm sure he'll carry me later on(ohh god what will hatsune say).
Hmm... you know, Forest, if you wanted to add your second account to the guild, we could just invite it, like we do with all others.

But sure, if you want to keep on insisting that Schagnoz is a real person and not your imaginary childhood friend, then, eh... Welcome, Schagnoz, it's nice to meet you! Thank you for the nice app.

I'm sure Forest will get you sorted out and explain everything.. with a teacher like that in no time it'll feel like you've already raided with us for over a year. ;)

Oh, and don't worry, Forest, Hatsune will love ALL aspects of you.
you may want to have a little chat with him, so i can show how good my voice change program is...xD
Race and Profession
Asura Warrior

Not condi rev? Well, I guess that would have been too obvious, eh Forest. Nice attempt trying to get rid of your chrono duties, guess we almost fell for it.... almost.

Make sure you stop by Hatsunes king-sized candy corn for "good measure" 😋

Also, consider how Zac might react should he learn that you not only raid on a second account, but bring two accounts at the same time for max ghostly infusions. That "Zac reacts" would be a worthy BONE meme for sure...

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