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Tea Dust

Submitted on: Mar 19, 2017 at 11:18 PM
Where did you hear about us?

Rainewaters is my special someone

What leads you to our encampment?

The call to glory

No, jokes aside & in your own words, why do you think our guild might be right for you?

Raids, fun, vipes, wins, jokes and some loot would be nice too.

Race and Profession
Sylvari Elementalist
What professions (classes) can you bring to our raids, either right away or given some time (fully geared and experienced at playing them)?

Full asc zerker tempest, condi ranger/druid, condi necro are all good to go. Zerk thief, zerk warrior are geared but I don't play them too often. Also have a zerk herald, may she rest in peace!

How old are you, really? Choose what applies best.

sweet-smelling fart

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

Born and live in Sweden. Have also stayed in the UK for about a third of my life which explains my scottish accent.

What best describes when and how long you play?

I play most weekday evenings and several longer sessions on weekends.

TS is mandatory for our raiding progress. Is that a problem for you?

If it wasn't mandatory I wouldn't take you seriously!

What do you do in GW2? Why do you play the game? What puts a smile on your face that isn't a precursor drop?

Raids, fractals, collections, the never ending farm for fashion wars. A sylvari char puts a smile on my face, 8 out of my total 12 chars are leafy trees :D

[IMPORTANT] Tell us a little about yourself that we haven't asked about so far. Anything goes, except short responses and incomplete sentences, we hate those. None has discovered a word limit to this text field yet, if one exists.

As a disclaimer i'll mention here that i have yet to do any of the bosses on wing 4. real life got in the way but now back on track! wing 1, 2 and 3 i've done a lot of though :)

I love cats and tea (but at work i need coffee to cope). Also love music, especially radiohead. I've played guild wars 2 for 4 years and started out like a true noob as it's my first mmo. 5000hrs of game time later there certainly has been improvement.

See you in game!


Share links to your raiding characters via You have to create an account, link your gw2 account by generating an API code (see and then visit Account > Characters > <charname> and generate a link at the bottom left (include equipment/inventory/build). You may opt to do this later, but please have them ready by the time we speak in-game.

As gw2efficiency seems to be having issues at the moment, here's a key generated from my account directly:


Account name with which to contact you in-game?


Be honest - are you exhausted now?

Ha - NO! In fact I will go fill another application right away just to increase my chances!



Awww, always great to see couples playing the game together. As is my nature, I'm always eager to determine which of the two needs more carrying. With both Alice and Zac as well as Hatsune and Forest this is not that obvious. Fortunately, there is no question about it in this case (take the hint, Scrubwaters 😋 ).

Looking forward to seeing you in a raid or two 😅
tea uses the carthus curved sword
Scarlet Sylph
already had a talk with her prior to inviting her after Rainewaters asked me about it. talking about when ever he mentioned it to Lakvar the topic drifted.

i will leave it for lakvar to see tomorrow.
i didnt want to ask again incase anyone else was lined up and i seen applications being rejected on the site xD
You like tea, I like tea. Good enough.
O, hai, Tea!

So Raine's got himself a gf to play The Great Game with him, amongst other things! Oh, what Blessed Life he leads!

Raine was technically right in that our recruitment is closed and we've been trying to slim down, but then again, Scarlet is also right that we've never denied acceptance to a friend or loved one.

So you've been invited in game, I'll just go ahead and accept this app and we'll have a chat soon about what we expect from our each other when raiding and what you expect to get out of it too :)

Welcome to BONE, Schmutzi! :)

You both are living the dream!
And everytime I look at my playtime I feel like noone else could possibly have more than me...I am suprised everytime. Respect!

Welcome to the guild!

PS: Regarding the scottish accent..if you're speaking like my relatives over there do, I won't understand a word 😅

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