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Sting Shadow

Status: REJECTED (Temporarily not recruiting)
Submitted on: Dec 21, 2016 at 11:54 AM
Where did you hear about us?


What leads you to our encampment?

The call to glory

No, jokes aside & in your own words, why do you think our guild might be right for you?

I'm looking for a guild to make raids

Race and Profession
Human Necromancer
What professions (classes) can you bring to our raids, either right away or given some time (fully geared and experienced at playing them)?

Viper necromancer, tempest(exotic) and ps(half ascd)

How old are you, really? Choose what applies best.

18+ and owning every year of it

Where are you from? Where do you live now?


What best describes when and how long you play?

I will play weekdays but weekends I am usually away from my computer.

TS is mandatory for our raiding progress. Is that a problem for you?

I can listen in but I cannot speak. Will get a mic asap

What do you do in GW2? Why do you play the game? What puts a smile on your face that isn't a precursor drop?

Now I'm doing raids and ranked pvp games, but usually I only play pve.
When someone it's instakilled and he doesn't know why, or when I complete something that takes me a lot of time to do.

[IMPORTANT] Tell us a little about yourself that we haven't asked about so far. Anything goes, except short responses and incomplete sentences, we hate those. None has discovered a word limit to this text field yet, if one exists.

The rings and amulets of the tempest are the same for the ps.
I play gw2 when I want, I mean, I can play the game 5-6 hours per day if I have the motivation (like now), but if I don't want to play I can be months without playing.
I'm not from an english-speaking country, so sometimes it's a bit hard for me to express myself on a correct way.
On TS question I put that answer, but the correct anwser for me will be that I'd use the mic except in some circunstances (I don't understand the "though" option)

Share links to your raiding characters via You have to create an account, link your gw2 account by generating an API code (see and then visit Account > Characters > <charname> and generate a link at the bottom left (include equipment/inventory/build). You may opt to do this later, but please have them ready by the time we speak in-game.
Account name with which to contact you in-game?

dark hunter.9485

Be honest - are you exhausted now?

Not sure what to say - skipped to the last question as I usually do with tests. Do I pass?


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Hi, Shadow, and thanks for the app.

We've recently accepted several other players and as such recruitment is temporarily closed until we know whether or not they fit in with our squad and like us.

With regards to your app an and speaking strictly with about the classes you could offer us, I'd like to see a little more options. Full ascended gear on your tempest, that being a hard dps class where it matters most, not sharing trinkets between classes, mace/shield offhands for war and perhaps a condiPS gear too. It is not that we cannot run you on a necro exclusively, but it'd be somewhat limiting with our current setup and circumstances.

If/when we reopen recruitment I can get in touch and see if you're still shopping for a raiding guild and have further geared up your chars.

Good luck in the mean time.


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