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Pittig Wijffie

Submitted on: Oct 11, 2016 at 10:29 PM
Where did you hear about us?

CDC Signed

What leads you to our encampment?

The call to glory

No, jokes aside & in your own words, why do you think our guild might be right for you?

I heard you guys are a serious raiding guild, with humor and cool guys and girls. I'm looking for that because at the moment I'm pugging a lot of my raids.

Race and Profession
Human Ranger
What professions (classes) can you bring to our raids, either right away or given some time (fully geared and experienced at playing them)?

Druid (condi, zerker and healing), Reaper (viper horror), DH, DD, tempest (zerker and magi's), Herald, Engineer (condi), PS (zerker and condi)

How old are you, really? Choose what applies best.


Where are you from? Where do you live now?

Netherlands, Gouda

What best describes when and how long you play?

Casually - a few hours every other night and a little longer on weekends.

TS is mandatory for our raiding progress. Is that a problem for you?

If it wasn't mandatory I wouldn't take you seriously!
I can listen in but I cannot speak. Will get a mic asap

What do you do in GW2? Why do you play the game? What puts a smile on your face that isn't a precursor drop?

A clean first try first kill at any raid boss gives a smile on my face. Even bigger if i get a precursor drop!

[IMPORTANT] Tell us a little about yourself that we haven't asked about so far. Anything goes, except short responses and incomplete sentences, we hate those. None has discovered a word limit to this text field yet, if one exists.

I'm Siemen (Simon) Blok, play Guild Wars 2 for about a year or three now and started raiding about 2-3 months back. I've played Guild Wars casually with on and off periods of a couple of weeks but always came back to see the friends that I made through the game.

During the week i work as a chemistry, physics and biology teacher on highschool level. I work full-time and go to the gym 4-5 times a week, so during the week I don't really get to play a lot. When ever i get the chance to squeeze in that 1 hour for a raid I try to do it.

I like going to the gym and working out and in the spare time that I have I also do some scuba diving, as I'm a PADI Instructor.

Share links to your raiding characters via You have to create an account, link your gw2 account by generating an API code (see and then visit Account > Characters > <charname> and generate a link at the bottom left (include equipment/inventory/build). You may opt to do this later, but please have them ready by the time we speak in-game.
Account name with which to contact you in-game?


Be honest - are you exhausted now?

Not sure what to say - skipped to the last question as I usually do with tests. Do I pass?



Well well, the irony of the teacher skipping to the last question isn't lost on me. That said, I used to do diving... so maybe Lak can be talked into going easy on you in case you sign me a few additional certificates.

(Sorry Lak, I'll be on my way, but you're slacking 😀 )
hey, hey, I'm a PADI rescue diver myself, nice to hear from other divers(Satenia you dived as well O.o), even though it's been some time since my last dive. Anyway. You seem to be busy guy during the week and since we only raid on Monday/Thursday for 3h straight, it could be hard for you to get a full clear with us(or join at all?). So depends a bit on your schedule i guess.
Well, well, Satie, I see you commenting on the application of the guy who works with kids, hits the gym and has swimmer's shoulders and not on the ones by the friendly, well-spoken accountant or the PvP duelist! And then you try to say it's because I'm slacking... Ha! You are not fooling anyone! ;)

Simon, thanks for the app, man.
Unlike those other two, I can't swim to.. well, I can swim to save my life if saving it was limited to 200 meters or so, before I cramp up and need a rescue diver since I can't really thread water.

I share Forest's concern that until the next raid wing comes out, we don't plan on having weekend raids and it begs the question of how can we help you with your raid clears... but lets just chat in game/on TS tonight/tomorrow and figure that out :)

Hey guys, very nice to hear from you all. I know that the schedule looks really busy, but I'd love to do some more serious raiding. So I think I can make it work.

And now that I have had a look at my application, the last question really is something I kinda skipped on. My in-game name is gimmefourbucks.4190 instead of gimme4.

I can talk to you guys on TS/in-game tonight and figure things out. How can I reach you?

Ooh, and my name (Siemen) is kinda weird if you pronounce it in dutch. So just call me Simon, or give me a new nickname.

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