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Wodan The First

Submitted on: Sep 05, 2016 at 11:20 PM
Where did you hear about us?

Raided wing 1 and wing 2 with you guys on september 5

What leads you to our encampment?

The search for camaraderie

No, jokes aside & in your own words, why do you think our guild might be right for you?

I'm raided with a group from you guys today and it went pretty smooth except for KC. Think there can be a core raid group possible with a quick clear on monday

Race and Profession
Sylvari Elementalist
What professions (classes) can you bring to our raids, either right away or given some time (fully geared and experienced at playing them)?

tempest/ps warrior

How old are you, really? Choose what applies best.


Where are you from? Where do you live now?


What best describes when and how long you play?

I play most weekday evenings and several longer sessions on weekends.

TS is mandatory for our raiding progress. Is that a problem for you?

If it wasn't mandatory I wouldn't take you seriously!
I can listen in but I cannot speak. Will get a mic asap

What do you like to do in GW2? Why do you play the game? Choose those that apply!

I am a fractal runner, PvE and chasing achievements, Explore and do every puzzle and challenge, Build friendships and play for years (with us? - awww)

[IMPORTANT] Tell us a little about yourself that we haven't asked about so far. Anything goes, except short responses and incomplete sentences, we hate those. None has discovered a word limit to this text field yet, if one exists.

I'm Wodan The First and started this game 4 years ago. I have now 8 characters all with full world completion. Done all the fractals multiple times and got very attracted to the raiding.
I'm a friendly guy on ts always willing to make a joke but I know when need to be serious. I'm willing to learn in the game but also willing to learn you guys something if that's needed.

Share links to your raiding characters via You have to create an account, link your gw2 account by generating an API code (see and then visit Account > Characters > <charname> and generate a link at the bottom left (include equipment/inventory/build). You may opt to do this later, but please have them ready by the time we speak in-game.

Ok I don't understand a thing of this. Please explain me this in game.

Account name with which to contact you in-game?


Be honest - are you exhausted now?

I put less effort graduating from school!



This means that you go to the website gw2 efficiency - there you allow the website to read your account stats (all it does is read them - you do not give it your pw etc ofc.). A link on the webpage will prompt you to the official gw2 website where upon logging in you can create an API key and decide what kind of information you want to share - said key you copy and paste into the given line at gw2 efficiency. After that you can then go as described tab accout - characters -click one of your characters and then in the lower left side of your screen you will find a check list of things that ppl you share your character stats with can view - after you checked those things click make link and then you can copy paste and share that link with us.
Long story short its a way for us to check your gear as we had bad experiences with ppl in the past that ran stuff like blood sigil or low lvl food etc.

If this explanation is not clear enough I don't mind to explain again or guide you throught it on ts should i happen to be online.
All the best, Ignil
Just a quick note about the monday quick clear stuff. In the normal days(aka after a new raid hits etc. ) we always raided 4 times a week. Now atm since it is summers, raid content is lacking, most of the time we are only able to quick clear monday as good as possible, and if we are lucky we can clear the rest of it on Wednesday night. After that we dont have enough people. This is in so far a problem, that people who miss mondays, can't get their loot, and also everybody signing up only for mondays, since thats seems to be the only way to get anything.(and even then we needed you nice guys this yeah)

We need more nice people so we can atleast full clear twice a week, so everybody gets his loot.(or get 8/9 or so depending on group and KC/Xera performance)
Since you described yourself as a helpful guy and kinda teaching guy, i dont think that we'll see you only mondays xD. Just wanted to explain the situation.

For my recommendation, performance with you was as good as with our 10 men raids most of the time(ignoring hiccups because of new assigments of roles)
hi welcome, you can join only if you teach me to optimise my overloads 😝
Glad to hear you guys enjoyed raiding with me. I enjoyed it too. It was really good and nice dps.
For KC and Xera I have some nice tactics for tempests so it's super easy and we get a lot more dps. I can always explain it next raid if you guys want

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